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The Uniform Display Case

Our motto is "You earned it, you display it" - The Uniform Display Case was designed to provide a unique new platform for displaying uniform awards and decorations, similar to how they would be worn on an actual uniform, with patches on the sleeves, medals over the pockets, etc. A Uniform Display Case is a simulated uniform, mounted in a special frame using a patent pending process that allows the awards and decorations to be displayed in their relatively proper positions, as they would be worn on an actual uniform!

Until now the only option was a standard "blank" shadow box on which the awards are displayed in no particular order. The Uniform Display Case solves that problem and allows the decorations to be displayed with a sense of purpose, form and function.

They look fantastic in your Office, Den or Living Room.

Decorate it with all of your awards and watch people stare in awe!!

The Uniform Display Case you receive will be that of a blank uniform, you add your own Medals, Crests, Coins, Patches, Badges, etc., anything you want!

 Dimensions:  28" x 24" x 2" 

 Attaching Your Awards and Decorations:
  1. The Uniform Display Insert is easily removed from the back.
  2. Patches are attached using double-stick-tape.
  3. Pins and medals simply push through the canvas and they will stay.
  4. Attach any additional items you would like to display.
  5. Replace the Uniform Display Insert back in the frame and hang it on the wall for all to see.
For detailed instructions on how to decorate the Uniform Display Case click here.

We thank you for your service..
R. Lee Ermey U.S.M.C. (R.I.P.)
Veteran Owned Business

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