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The Uniform Display Case was invented and patented by U.S. Army veteran Greg Fair.

The Uniform Display Case was designed in appreciation for our nation’s Military, Police and Firefighters dedication to duty, and to give them a proper platform to display their awards and decorations and be proud of what they have accomplished. We have always kept this in mind throughout the entire process and this is the core philosophy of Uniform Display, inc.

After a few years of limited production (in my basement) and sale at $350.00 to $400.00+, it became clear that in order to get the price point of the product down to a level where it could readily be afforded by its intended recipients some level of mass production would be required, which is quite costly to implement.

Mr. Fair even had a deal with a national distributor to sell the product in stores, nationwide, but they insisted that the product be made at their manufacturing facility in China, so Mr. Fair refused.

The Uniform Display Case was designed for the dedicated service members, (past and present), that have sacrificed in order to provide for and defend your freedom, your lives and your families, and therefore it should be made right here in the U.S.A., in a factory that hires VETERANS.

Since the Uniform Display Case went out of production, even though the website clearly says that it is out of production, people contact me every month asking when they can buy one. I have hundreds of emails from veteran’s that want to buy a Uniform Display Case, but I have none left to sell…

Currently production is on-hold, pending the capital required to implement production of The Uniform Display Case, Mr. Fair would like to get the price point down to $199.00 or lower.

This could be accomplished in one of several ways:

1. Local/Medium scale production (100+ per month) with 5,000 Sq. Ft. manual production facility and used equipment = $300k start-up cost.

2. Large scale mass production (500+ per month) with 10,000 plus Sq. Ft. manual/automated production facility and used/new equipment = $500k start-up cost.

3. Full scale mass production (5,000+ per month) 10,000 plus Sq. Ft., new equipment, semi-automated production facility = $1Million+ start-up cost.

The Uniform Display Case is a fantastic product that our nation’s Military, Police and Firefighters and they deserve to have available to them.

Once it is back into production I would also like to set up a 50(c)(3) non-profit organization so that people could “donate” as many Uniform Display Cases as they want, and we can give them to veteran’s for free.

Please help get it back into production, our veteran’s would greatly appreciate it.

Anyone interested in jump-starting this process to get the product to market sooner may:

1. Contact Mr. Fair via email:                             Click to email

2. Mail a check and/or investment offer:             Gregory Fair
                                                                                Uniform Display, Inc.
                                                                                6920-B Bradlick Shopping Ctr #130
                                                                               Annandale, VA 22003

3. Contact by phone:                                             
(703) 261-4874

Thank You,
 Greg Fair

Veteran Owned Business

R. Lee Ermey U.S.M.C. (R.I.P.)


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