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The Uniform Display Case
- A brand new way to display your Awards and Decorations.

You receive a Blank Uniform on your Uniform Display Case
You receive a blank
Uniform Display Case
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You Decorate it with your own Awards and Decorations
Decorate it with your own Awards & Decorations
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Custom Orders on Existing Uniform Display Cases
We can do Custom Orders
Custom colors and patterns.
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Or we can design a Custom Uniform Display Case for you or for your entire Unit!
We can turn any uniform into a Uniform Display Case.
Custom Orders

The Uniform Display Case is designed to provide a platform for displaying uniform awards and decorations on a uniform in a frame using a unique process [multiple patent's pending]. The unique feature of this new product is that the “uniform” is presented in a proprietary manner so that the sleeves, epaulettes and upper ¾ of the uniform are visible so that the Awards and Decorations can be displayed similar to they would appear on an actual uniform.

Currently available is the new Canvas Uniform Display Case, which is a high-resolution image of an original Uniform Display Case master sample using an authentic uniform. It is then printed on museum quality print Canvas (not paper) to give it the texture of a real uniform. Then the Canvas is mounted on a 1/4 inch Foam Board so that the medals, badges and pins can be easily attached by simply pushing them trough the canvas and into the foam backing, they will stay in place by themselves. The Canvas is then coated with a special UV resistant coating to resist fading and it will also allow patches to be easily attached using double-stick tape then repositioned later if necessary (for promotions, etc.). This entire unit when assembled is called a Uniform Display Insert. The Uniform Display Insert is then placed in the frame and ready to ship. These are ready to order on our website now.

We can also turn a sample of your uniform into a Canvas Uniform Display Case
, view the details here.

We can still make the real uniform display cases as custom orders, view the details here.

Until now the only type of display case that was available was a standard "Shadow Box" with a "blank" background. With the Uniform Display Case there is an image of a uniform on the background, so ALL of the medals, ribbons, badges, patches, etc. can be placed in their relatively proper positions - as if on a real uniform!

With the Uniform Display Case you can show everyone at a glance what you have accomplished.

Decorate it with all of your awards and watch people stare in awe!! The Uniform Display Case has that effect on people.

A fully decorated Uniform Display Case is a site to behold and quickly becomes the center of attention wherever it is displayed.

For detailed instructions on how to decorate the Uniform Display Case click here.

 * Makes a great gift for any Active or Ex Service member.
 * The ULTIMATE Retirement Gift
    - everyone can chip in and buy one of these for a departing colleague.
 * Buy one for yourself; show everyone what you have accomplished.
 * Suitable for Memorial Presentations.

U.S. Patents: USPTO#: 20070273253, USPTO#: 20070272554
International Class: C25D 13/00 20060101 C25D013/00

Note: The Uniform Display Case is currently out of production, seeking investors & contributions - Click Here

Thank You,

Samples of Decorated Uniform Display Cases
U.S.Army U.S. Navy U.S. Air Force U.S. Marines
U.S. Coast Guard Police Departments Fire Departments Other Uniforms and Custom Orders
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