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Below are the detailed instructions for decorating the Uniform Display Case
If you want to get some idea's on what to put on your Uniform Display Case, see our Suggestions page.

How to decorate your Uniform Display Case
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1. Removing the Uniform Display:
The Uniform Display Insert is easily removed from the back.

a. Find a large flat work surface like a table or on a carpeted floor.
b. Turn over the Uniform Display Case and there are several small metal pins on the back called "Points", these are bendable.
c. Bend all the points back, and the Uniform Display Insert can be easily tilted upwards and outwards from the rear.

2. [ IMORTANT STEP ] Creating a layout:

We highly recommend that prior to affixing the awards and decorations that everything first be temporarily positioned on top of the Uniform Display to determine the best layout and configuration. If you just start attaching things it becomes complicated if you want to move items around.

a. Gather everything together that will be attached to the Uniform Display Case, almost anything can be displayed, for some idea's view our decorated samples and Suggestions page.
b. Position all of the items to determine their proper or desired placement.
c. This is where it can be determined how strict the regulations are going to be adhered to, some things simply look better if they are displayed in a more symmetrical manner. The Uniform Display Case is intended to display other memorabilia as well as awards and decorations, so be creative.  If you have questions about the regulations, we have them listed here.

Think of it as a blank canvas with the uniform as a template, there are also the Collar and Display Bar area's provided for additional items. The end result should be a showcase of everything you have to display.

3. Attaching Awards, Decorations and other memorabilia:

Patches are best attached using double-stick-tape (available from your local hobby or office supply store). The double-stick-tape makes it easier to reposition or replace the patches if necessary.

*NOTE: Any type of Glue or Hot Glue may also be used if the patches never need to be removed, but be careful as once the glue dries it may tear the UV coating and lift the ink if the patches ever need to be removed or repositioned.

Pins, Medals, Badges, Crests, etc.:
Any type of pin, badge or medals are easily attached as there is a 1/4 inch foam core backing behind the canvas.

a. Remove all of the pin locking mechanisms.
b. Carefully position the all pins where you want them (see step 2 above).
c. Simply push the pins through the canvas into the foam core and they will stay.

*Note on attaching Police & Fire Badges:
The "Badge Fastener" image on the display is only for example - to attach a real badge there are two ways:
1. Remove tha Badge Clips from the back of the badge and attach the badge using double-stick tape.
2. Place the Uniform Display Insert "face up" on a hard surface and push down hard on the badge to create an indentation in the foam backing with the pin fasteners on the back of the badge, you may need to cut out some of the canvas and foam backing to get the badge to lay flat against the canvas. Then attach the badge using double-stick tape or glue (or it may just stay there on it's own).

Weapons Qualification Badges: Most have drop down attachments that indicate the type of weapon, etc., attach the badge using the pins then use a little double-stick-tape on the drop down attachments to keep them in place.

Ribbon Bars: Simply arrange the ribbons in order then push the entire ribbon bar down into the foam backing and it will stay. To verify the precedence use http://www.ezrackbuilder.com/

Full Sized Medals: Some come with "safety type" pins not post type pins. If possible, remove the safety type pins and attach them with standard post type pins that just push through the foam. Or you can attach the medals with the"safety type" pins using double-stick tape, but it is difficult to get them to lie flat with these type of pins.

Use a straight edge or ruler to align the tops of all of the medals for a clean, symmetrical look.

Once the top part of the medal is attached then use double-stick-tape on the medallion part to keep it in place. 

Mini Medals:

Most Mini Medals come with "safety type" pins, but they are thin and light enough to be attached with only double-stick-tape. 

Use a straight edge or ruler to align the tops of all of the medals


Most lanyards require cutting to be displayed properly.
a. Layout the lanyard on the Uniform Display to determine where to cut it on each end, it should be slightly curved to simulate hanging on a real uniform.
b. Use clear glue or clear nail polish to seal the frayed edges.
c. Using a razor blade or scalpel type tool, cut a small slit along the edge of the epauletteon the canvas, large enough for the top part of the lanyard to fit in, this will make it look like the lanyard is going UNDER the epaulette..
d. Use a small instrument like a small screwdriver or pencil point to lift the canvas enough for the top part of the lanyard to fit in.
e. Slide the up part of the lanyard under the epaulette.
f. Place double-stick-tape along the underside of the lanyard and position it as desired, end it at the sleeve to make it look like it goes under the sleeve. If the lanyard has metal ends that hang down the front it is a good idea to use double-stick-tape to fasten these in place as well.

Hat Brass, Pins, or Badges that have screw type posts:
There are two ways to attach these devices.

1. Remove the screw posts if possible and attach the device with double-stick-tape.
2. Drill a small hole through the canvas and foam core to accommodate the screw post, the hole should be slightly smaller than the screw post. Push the device in and it may stay by itself, if not use double-stick-tape to help hold it in place.

Challenge Coins
Most challenge coins can be attached with double-stick-tape, just cover the back of the challenge coin with a lot of it and push down harder to secure better.

Heavy Items:
Heavier items such as metal medallions, paperweights, heavier challenge coins may require stronger double-stick-tape, we use an industrial product from 3M called ATG # 926 that is 1/2 inch wide and requires an Applicator Gun. It is available from U-Line. But you can usually find extra strength double-stick-tape at local hobby or hardware stores.

Or you can use glue, but remember that glued items cannot be removed or repositioned.

Non-flat items (belt buckles, bullets, knives, etc.)
These items have to be approached on a case-by-case basis, most items can still be attached with double-stick-tape or glue/hot glue, but if not here are some ideas:

Double Stick Foam Tape: For items indented from the back (like large hat brass or a belt buckle) - Try using double-stick foam tape, it is just like double stick tape but has foam in between for added depth to reach inside the item to secure it. Hint: double-stick foam tape also sticks to itself, so it can be doubled or tripled if required.

Handi-Tak: There is also a product called Handi-Tak made by the makers of Super Glue, it is a putty type adhesive that can be molded. We have used this to attach some oddly shaped items.

Floral Wire: Occasionally some oddly shaped items cannot be secured using double-stick-tape or glue/hot glue, as in the case with knifes. To secure a knife we recommend using Floral or Wreath wire, it is a thin, green, easily workable wire typically used in fake flower arrangements or in wreath making. This is available at any hobby store that sells fake flower or wreath making supplies.
Simply position the object on the display case and choose several strategic locations to poke some holes through the canvas and the foam core to run the wire through. Then simply run the wire through the holes and tie the object in place.

Cut or Grind the item: If the item can be cut in half or grinded down to make a flat surface, it may be easier to attach and look better.

If you want to get some idea's on what to put on your Uniform Display Case, see our Suggestions page.

Thank You
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